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What is Tinedol?

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Tinedol – a drug against fungal infection, which is produced in the form of a cream. It is a cosmetic intended for skin care of the feet. It is recommended by dermatologists for the treatment of a mycosis infection.

Cream Tinedol helps to get rid of fungal infection on the nails and skin. Due to the fact that the tool consists of natural ingredients, it is assigned for people of any age.

Cream Tinedol was created according to a patented formula and contains in its composition only natural ingredients, and is also useful for skin vitamins and healing essential oils. Fungal growth on the nails is a fairly serious disease, to cure which is not so easy.

Cream Tinedol perfectly softens the skin, nail plate, thereby increasing the penetrating power. Due to this, the active ingredients penetrate deeper and destroy fungal growth. This happens for 2-3 weeks of correct and regular use. The results showed that 96% of subjects the condition of the skin and nails improved during this period.

Tinedol helps to cope with the nail mycosis even in the advanced form, has a quality certificate and a Declaration that answers all queries of the EAC. The remedy was a large number of various studies, the results of which we can confidently say that the Cream Tinedol helps to cope even with very advanced cases of lesion of the infection of the nail plate.

Most of the ingredients included in the cream Tinedol, was used from parasitic diseases hundreds of years ago. The destruction efficiency of the treatment is undeniable.

The effect of the cream Tinedol

Action Tinedol

Athlete's foot settled on the skin of the feet, this is a fairly tenacious germ. It multiplies rapidly and can jump to other parts of the body. Long flowing infection is not the best for changing the condition of the skin. Legs appear unpleasant scales, reddish spots, there is a strong itching. Formed during fungal growth cracks contribute to a secondary infection. Therefore, the disease necessarily need to be treated and the sooner this is done, the less unpleasant consequences in the future.

Tinedol destroys not only located on the surface of the skin. Special components allow the basic active ingredients to penetrate all the subcutaneous layers. This ensures the interruption of the process of reproduction of parasites and their destruction. After application to the body happen the following positive changes:

  • Is itching and burning.
  • Eliminated the swelling and redness.
  • The specific smell disappears.
  • The skin effectively moisturized, eliminating her from the tightness, dryness, areas of flaking.
  • Creates a protective barrier that prevents the penetration of pathogens through the cracks.
  • Increases microcirculation and blood circulation, which positively affects the local immune system.
  • Prevents the transfer of mycosis lesions of the feet to the nails.

The fresh feeling after using the cream Tinedol occurs almost instantly. But in order to cope with the infection, the cream should be used regularly. After elimination of the pathology of the remedy it is advisable to periodically take the course. Such care will help prevent re-infection.

The main advantages of the cream Tinedol

  1. Absolute security – in contrast to drug analogues, which are composed of harmful chemicals, this cream contains only natural ingredients, therefore does not harm the body, will not have a negative burden on the kidneys, liver.
  2. Quickly relieves the uncomfortable symptoms – after application immediately disappears, skin is calmed, there is a pleasant cooling effect.
  3. Reduction of sweating of the skin of the feet, eliminate unpleasant smells.
  4. Rapid healing – with advanced forms of mycosis on the skin surface can be formed wounds. This tool accelerates the healing and prevents infections.
  5. Reducing the brittleness of the nail plate – nail fungal infection quite quickly destroys the nail. But if you regularly use the cream, the plate thickens, gets back its healthy look.
  6. The cosmetic effect is the remedy for fungal infection has not only medical but also conditioning effect. After application the skin becomes soft, acquires a well-groomed and healthy.
  7. Ease of use – the cream is quickly absorbed without leaving traces of oily stains.

Clinical trials Tinedol

We gathered a test group of 195 people from 25 to 45 years. Next, we asked 121 men and 74 women to take Tinedol for 30 days and not to change their lifestyle.

  • 9/10 people got rid of the mycosis of nails and feet less than 3 weeks
  • 97% of the test said about the lack of side effects
  • More than 1,000 people have already recommended Tinedol your friends and family

    The studies were conducted in hospital settings on volunteers with mycosis of the feet and nails.

Photos before and after using the cream Tinedol

Before-After-1 Tinedol Before-After-2 Tinedol Before-After-3 Tinedol
The principle of operation of the cream Tinedol is that it stops the sweating of the feet. Because they remain dry, for the development of which requires a moist environment, can not be extended to new areas of the skin or the nail plate.

The cream Tinedol

Cream Tinedol is a complex of natural ingredients derived solely from plant material. It does not contain chemical dyes, fragrances and other natural ingredients. A specially selected ratio of all components helps to eliminate almost all symptoms of the infection. But it's not the most important – the use of the cream leads to the destruction of fungal growth. That is, there is a complete recovery.

Release form: cream

Tinedol is available in the form of cream. The cream is easily absorbed by the skin, does not cause irritation, dermatitis and allergic reactions. After applying a feeling of lightness and coolness. Tinedol can be used not only as a cure for fungal infections, but also as a means of having a preventive effect. The formula of patented goods by the manufacturer and all products have certificate of conformity.

Components of the cream Tinedol

The rapid emergence of positive changes when using Tinedol due to the specially selected combination of the main components of this tool.

  • Climbazole

    Effectively fights infection, eliminates itching, and redness of the skin. Is a powerful antiseptic, and prevents the development of infectious processes on the surface of the skin.

  • Wax

    Auxiliary substance that gives the cream a smooth texture that allows it to absorb quickly and not leave a trace.

  • Methylparaben

    Has a strong disinfectant action and is an excellent antiseptic. Eliminates odours completely blocks the spread of the disease to neighboring skin areas. Also fights irritation.

  • Glycerin

    Ingredient which is familiar every person, caring for your skin. Perfectly softens, heals cracks and small wounds, gives the skin a velvety and soft. In addition, the component forms a protective film on the surface of the dermis, which does not allow infection to penetrate into the deeper layer of the skin. Due to all these qualities and the rejuvenation of the skin, disappearing flakes, peeling and other factors which are symptoms of fungal infection and deliver a lot of discomfort.

  • Essential oils

    Natural ingredients that effectively fight with all pathological processes, which occur on the surface of the skin. They help cells regenerate faster, contribute to the restoration of all metabolic processes, as well as protect the skin from the new lesions. Peppermint oil, which is contained in the composition of this cream also has a strong antiseptic action, heals wounds and refreshes the skin.

  • Lanolin

    Does not penetrate harmful microorganisms inside the skin. Nourishes the skin with useful elements, nourishes, softens and moisturizes.

  • Forsena

    A substance that has been recognized as one of the best in the prevention of infectious processes. Heals and promotes cell renewal of the epidermis.

  • Vitamin E

    Accelerates blood circulation, comes the skin elasticity, thereby preventing the formation of microcracks. Enriches tissues, saturating them useful (essential) substances that also prevent rapid fading of the dermis.

Cream Tinedol you can use and those who do not have such diseases as athlete's foot. Applying gentle consistency means eliminates the gravity and swelling, gives a pleasant coolness.

Use cream Tinedol

Before you use products, you should carefully read the instructions to the cream Tinedol from athlete's foot. Here is the detailed procedure of the drug, which will reduce the time to get rid of parasites.

5 basic rules of applying the cream:

  1. Means to be applied only on dry and clean skin.
  2. Cream apply a thin layer. It should be enough to remedy nourishes the deepest layers of the dermis.
  3. The product to gently RUB the skin to avoid damaging it and not comb already existing because of the action of bacteria of the wound.
  4. You should wait a few minutes, not wearing on his feet socks and shoes.
  5. Should definitely use a personal towel and his clothes, to avoid infecting the people around them.
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The opinion of the doctor

Dr. William

20 years
Athlete's foot is a nasty disease characterized by infection of the fungal infection, which cause pathological changes. Contagion occurs through contact with the patient, through the garments during a visit to the pool, shared a soul. The disease contributes to the destruction of the skin, lesions of the nail plate and other pathologies that pose a threat to human health. Cream Tinedol is the actual remedy for mycosis of the feet today in the UK. Its effect is long discussed in the medical community, with the result that all the experts agree that this is the best preparation, no contraindications. Skin lesions can quickly stop, daily using this tool. In addition, significantly reduces the risk of re-infection.