• Fungal infection of the inguinal folds is affected fungus region of the skin in groin, most often in men.
  • The fungus can remain in the skin for quite a long period, but to give themselves can only in the period when considerably weakens the immune system.
  • Fungus affecting toes and foot, is considered one of the most common types of skin diseases. The disease develops when the violation of the rules of personal hygiene, a sharp decline of immunity and the influence of other related factors.
  • Parents with complaints of any skin symptoms at the child frequent in the practice of pediatricians. In 40-60% of cases the cause of the complaints are from fungal diseases.
  • Fungal infection is currently quite a rare disease. However, this does not mean that it does not occur. People who care about their health, should know about this disease and the ways of treatment.
  • Fungal infection develops in the moist damaged skin. Fungal infection of the fingers usually occurs in women who work with water without protective gloves and Housewives.
  • Fungal infections that cause systemic mycoses can be endemic or opportunistic. They develop mainly in patients with weakened immune systems.
  • Yellowed or darkened toenails is the first sign of nail fungus, which we try to cure using folk remedies at home. Onychomycosis –a disease that affects people of different age groups.
  • A common unpleasant problem is nail fungus. Amid the diversity of drugs vinegar against nail fungus on the feet is used as an effective natural remedy in the early stages of the disease .
  • There are many home and folk remedies, including herbs from the nail fungus that use topically or taken internally for strengthen the body.
  • Fungus of the toenails is a common problem. So many are wondering: how is nail fungus on your feet? You need to understand that the fungus belongs to the infectious type, so is easily transmitted from person to person.
  • The fungus in the child on his feet – a serious breach that may cause allergic reactions, low immunity, lose pathogenic flora of the internal organs.
  • The disease called athlete's foot provoked by increased activity of pathogenic fungus, and affects smooth skin, the nails, between fingers space.
  • zhno to try to deal with fungus on toe nails folk remedies. However, this treatment may be effective only with the appearance of the first symptoms , ie, in the initial stages of destruction of the nail plate, and even then, not always.
  • If discovered the fungus on the head , treatment is required to begin with a detailed diagnosis of the disease. Symptoms takes not only the internal discomfort, but also become the main domestic uncertainty, aesthetic defect.
  • According to statistics, almost half of all visits to dermatologist, one way or another, connected with fungal diseases. An infection is possible at a swimming pool, sauna, and visiting the beach .
  • Almost 30% of patients with athlete's foot become infected in public places. Significant contribution within a distribution. Most often the athlete's foot with onychomycosis ( nail fungus) sick persons over seventy years.
  • Fungus usually appears on the toes, but sometimes, the trouble affects the fingers. Get rid of mold you need to ensure that the nails are not only beautiful, but also healthy.
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