How is nail fungus on feet

The highest risk of Contracting the disease, visiting public places.

  1. Bath, sauna;
  2. Pool;
  3. Beach;
  4. Gym;
  5. Salon.

Spores breed well in unventilated or humid areas. If in the sauna, the pool or the bath was a man with foot fungus or nail, and you walked bare feet on the floor, then there is every chance easy to get infected.

Another way of infection — a public beach. You need to understand that the sand and gravel it is precisely the most favorable environment for the spread of fungal infection. Not to catch a nail fungus, it is better to stay with the simple rubber Slippers or flip-flops.

Is it possible to get a fungus1

The fungus is contagious, it not only can catch on the street but also at home. In order to avoid intrusion in the family where there is a sick person with the fungal infection of the nails or feet, you need the room to disinfect. Note, all sick and men and women, so in order not to get infected from a husband or wife, everyone else should as prevention use anti-fungal medications, which are written below.

You can get nail fungus on the feet and in the most expensive salon, when performing pedicures. Not all wizards spend a good disinfection of instruments, especially if a huge flow of visitors. Now the question arises, how to avoid infection and make a beautiful pedicure? It is best to buy a professional set of tools. With this set you will be able to get a pedicure alone, and also to prevent the occurrence of fungal infection on the nails.

Note Professional kit you can take with you to the salon and ask the master to carry out the procedure with your tools.

We should also mention another important point, you can catch the fungus through the nail Polish. If you have on the nail plate was a small barely noticeable sores or cracks, and paint at this point, the nail plate, you will create the optimum atmosphere for the rapid multiplication of the fungal infection.

Not many people know, but to catch nail fungus in a Shoe store. Because the store shoes can measure more than 100 people, and you wouldn't know if her wore sick with fungus or not. Therefore, to reduce the risk and not purchase such an unpleasant disease, you need to try on shoes in to your clean socks.

After purchase, on a mandatory basis, however, you need to disinfect your shoes. To hold additional small procedure:

  1. Inside lay soaked in a tea tree with a cotton swab;
  2. Place the shoes in an airtight bag for a day.

Many now ask, why would you put cotton wool with tea tree? Butter consistency and the unique properties of Australian plants, help to destroy all harmful bacteria and also to eliminate possible fungal infection.

Factors infection

Doctors say several factors that lead to infection fungal infection:

  • A weakened immune system. When a person has a weakened immune system, fungal infection can easily penetrate into the body. Over time it reproduces, thereby more suppresses the barrier function;
  • Chronic diseases. People with diabetes, as well as in the pathology of vascular or endocrine system, there is a great risk of nail fungus and stop;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In diseases of the digestive organs, dysbacteriosis. He provokes Candida in the gut. To be clear, the causative agents of candidiasis is a yeast fungi that belong to the genus Candida. Thus this disease spreads to the nail plate and there is a vast group of diseases called candidiasis.
Is it possible to get a fungus2

Prevention of fungus

As you can see, to get infected by nail fungus can under different conditions. It is therefore necessary to take precautions. Prevention of a fungal infection is divided into several types: public and private.

How to avoid getting nail fungus:

  1. You should not wear too tight shoes, as this is the main reason to grow in nails, thus, there microtrauma. As you recall, when the injury of the skin or nail, there is a risk of Contracting a fungal infection;
  2. If a person has excessive sweating of the feet, you should not wear sneakers or shoes made of synthetics. In hot weather, the skin ceases to breathe in such shoes, it is conducive to perspiration of the feet, rubbing feet. In humans, due to the fact that the foot is uncomfortable, you may experience small sores, cracks, and blisters. In hot weather it is better to wear open shoes made of natural materials;
  3. AK mentioned, the store is not necessary to measure shoes on bare feet, wear your socks;
  4. If you came to visit, you need to give up the owner of Slippers, as they may be invisible particles affected skin. Therefore it is better to come with your shoes or wear thick socks;
  5. Always disinfect shoes. After a good disinfecting, don't forget to give it to dry;
  6. In public places wear your rubber Slippers, especially before going to bath or sauna.
Is it possible to get a fungus3

In addition to these rules, you must properly care for your nails and feet.

  • After any water procedures, should be well dried feet, especially between the toes;
  • If you have skin on the feet is dry, then it needs to handle the baby moisturizer;
  • To use at home antibacterial soap, this will help to reduce the risk of nail fungus.
Important! Good hygiene and proper immune support is the surest way to protect yourself from disease.

Now you understand what a foot fungus and nails, and how it can catch. Remember, at the first sign of a fungal infection, you should immediately take action. Otherwise, the fungus will spread and get rid of it will already be hard.