Grass from fungus nail treatment

Herbs are especially good in the early stages of the disease when serious systemic therapy is not necessary and can be dispensed without the use of toxic antifungal drugs. Drugs based on natural ingredients are less likely to cause allergic reactions and generally have a more mild effect in comparison with many conservative funds.

Also herbs can help when taken orally. When the disease fungus the immune system is weakened, the necessary means to support the body's resistance. Many medicinal plants can strengthen the immune system, it will simplify the disease and hasten full recovery.

It is worth remembering that to get rid of the fungal infection completely using only products based on medicinal plants, will not work. They are relevant only as a subsidiary means, they must be combined with essential drugs.

Important! Before using herbs for nail fungus need to make sure they have no allergies.

There are many herbs that can help with fungal infection of the nails. They can all be equally useful in respect of the constancy of the procedures and exact adherence to the rules of treatment.


Greater celandine is a medicinal plant commonly used for the treatment of diseases of the skin and nails. Its name speaks for itself: the means on the basis of celandine is able to cope with most skin ailments.

The juice of this plant has a strong "burning" effect, destroys pathogenic germs and bacteria, eliminates inflammation, if used properly, helps to get rid of itching and irritation. It is also effective in onychomycosis.

Treatment of nail fungus with herbs1

It is worth remembering that the fresh juice of the plants and medicines based on it is quite pungent, so in the processing the infusion to make sure that he did not get on mucous membranes or eyes. To apply medication on the nail with caution, otherwise you may get burned. For the treatment of fungus most often use the following tools:Celandine from nail fungus

  1. Fresh juice of celandine. It is pressed from just-harvested the plants, then soak a cotton pad and apply on the affected fungus nail for 10-15 minutes. This should be done with caution, the fresh juice of this plant may cause burns.
  2. Infusion of herbs celandine. This requires that the stems of dried plants. One tablespoon need to brew in a Cup of boiling water and infuse for about an hour, then diluted with a small amount of hot water. This solution is used for therapeutic baths, the affected limb should be kept for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Oil celandine. The most convenient and easy to use remedy for nail fungus on the basis of this therapeutic plant. Oil need to soak a cotton pad and apply to the affected fungus nail for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse in cool water.

It is worth remembering that compresses after a full hygiene procedures. Before applying the local funds required to do hot baths with antibacterial based on soda or salt.

Important! The plant may cause severe irritation and burns, do not keep the compress longer than necessary.

Other herbs against the fungus

Not only celandine helps to cope with infectious disease. There are other medicinal plants, effectively eliminating the fungus. It is worth listing the most effective of them.

Treatment of nail fungus with herbs2


This plant helps to stop the growth and development of mildew, the bath-based decoction of wormwood will help to prepare the feet or hands to the application of local funds. Half a kilogram of dried herb wormwood pour a couple of litres of plain water and boil in a water bath for 10-15 minutes. Then insist half an hour and strain. In the finished broth, you can hover the affected limb.

An infusion of marigold

Calendula also helps to treat skin diseases, infusion of its flowers is used to treat fungus. One glass of dried flowers pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for half an hour. Ready infusion should be wiped on the affected areas, after all hygiene procedures, it is advisable to do this before going to sleep.


Treatment of nail fungus with herbs3

On the basis of this plant make a compress. Fresh mint leaves should be ground with sea salt and apply to affected areas for one hour, fixing a tight bandage.

Oak bark

Treatment of nail fungus with herbs4

This tool has notable antibacterial action of baths on the basis of oak bark encourages to do before applying local remedies.

Combining the tools of traditional medicine and conservative medication, you can achieve the best result. If during the treatment the condition of your nails worsens, you need to consult your doctor and review the treatment plan.

What herbs to drink

Nail fungus is a disease affecting the whole body. With this infection the immune system is suppressed, the body is much too weak to fight the disease. Medicinal herbs will help to strengthen the protective forces of the immune system and fight the fungus from the inside.

So the effect of medications based on herbs was the most notable, you should follow a special diet. Fungal diseases recommend avoiding sweet food, containing "fast" carbohydrates, fatty meat and, in principle, to adhere to the principles of healthy eating. Then the treatment effect will be most obvious.

Ingest any herbs that strengthen the body. Commonly use the following herbs.

  1. Mint and Melissa. On the basis of these plants is recommended to make tea with a pleasant spicy aroma. Mint and lemon balm will activate protective forces of the body, tea is recommended to add lemon juice.
  2. Daisy. This plant is famous for its ability to strengthen immunity in various infectious diseases. One teaspoon collection need to brew in a Cup of hot water, brew for 20-30 minutes. Can be diluted with clean water to taste.
  3. Sage. This spice plant is also beneficial for the body and helps to get rid of the fungus. One teaspoon of dried plant should be brewed in one Cup of hot water, infuse for about 20 minutes. Drink half a Cup twice a day.
  4. Walnut. Few people know, but walnuts are extremely useful in fungal diseases. Recommend to use jam on them or add to food oil. Also pay attention to the leaves of the walnut, which can be used for decoctions for local use.

Do not forget about the richness of folk medicine in the treatment of fungal nail diseases. Herbs can be very useful and will help to accelerate the period of treatment and lead to speedy recovery without any complications, which often arise when a fungus, especially running.