Treatment of fungus toenails with Apple cider vinegar or essence, the preparation of drugs and baths

Onychomycosis suffers a quarter of the world's population and many, being the bearer of fungal diseases, do not suspect about it. The defeat of the nail is called fungi-dermatophytes. The risk of infection is to those who visit the public baths, swimming pools, makes poor pedicure, neglects hygiene. Nail fungus manifests itself by itching and a specific odor. Over time the nail is broken, it becomes brittle, leaves his Lodge, begins to deform, changing in color and form.

Vinegar for fungus1

In running situations, you may need to remove the affected tissue. Treatment success of onychomycosis is determined by the timely adoption of measures against the disease. If the problem is discovered in time, the therapy will be effective, and without reference to special medical treatments – with the help of medicine. Thus, the treatment of nail fungus with vinegar in its proper use has a significant effect.

Does cider vinegar nail fungus

The fungus microorganisms are sensitive to acidic environment. Vinegar, formed by oxidation of the alcohol containing raw materials, is a common method in the fight against fungal disease. Acetic acid has a strong antibacterial effect, antibacterial effect and destroys, suppresses fungal spores. Among other important qualities of the vinegar solution – the ability of regulation of tissue pH to the natural level, which decreases itching.

Vinegar against nail fungus on the feet gives excellent results in the early stages of the disease. However, as with any tool, the more popular, the acid should be applied in the right proportions, adhering to certain requirements:

  1. In the early days, you must use the essence of a low concentration (5-15%).
  2. Before using the feet to keep in hot water, removing actinic particles of the bundle.
  3. Treated with solution need the whole foot, also shoes, clothing.
  4. In the presence of wounds, cracks on the foot from the method should be abandoned so as not to cause inflammation and burns.

Apple cider vinegar

It is Apple cider vinegar nail fungus on the feet. In combination with iodine in the same proportion, the mixture acts as an excellent antiseptic. The compresses applied to the infected area, wrap with plastic wrap and fixing bandage. The bandage should be worn 3 hours, applying 2-3 months daily. During treatment starts to grow a new healthy nail plate, and the affected areas to chop. Compresses to do a full refresh of the nail. This treatment helps even in advanced stages of the disease.

Vinegar essence

Concentrated vinegar essence (70-80%) gives a higher result than the action of vinegar against nail fungus on the feet. Cotton swab, the liquid is applied on the affected areas of the skin and nails of the fingers. If the fungus started, vinegar essence from nail fungus supplemented with a few drops of iodine, repeatedly reinforcing the effectiveness of the procedure. If reddening of the skin, the amount of iodine needed to be reduced. Good acid combined with glycerine or egg, giving the fungus the necessary antibacterial effect and protecting from burns, damaged skin.

Treatment of nail fungus with vinegar

To start to treat people's means should be small doses. Acetic acid is justified in running situations, but for minor injuries it is recommended to use vinegar or essence, where the concentration of acid below. Before using any recipe you must make sure there are no allergic reactions to the components. It is important to adhere strictly to proportions, not to interrupt the treatment. Daily proper therapy and subsequent preventive measures give successful treatment outcome.

Glycerin with vinegar

Vinegar for fungus2

Is glycerin an excellent drug for skin care. Softening it, the tool acts as an antiseptic, killing germs. A mixture of glycerin, 3 times a day applied with a cotton swab on all the nails, even healthier, avoiding contact with skin. After drying, need to wear socks. Repeat should be 3-4 weeks. The composition of the components:

  • Apple cider vinegar, vinegar essence 1 tbsp;
  • glycerin, propolis tincture, 2 tbsp

Vinegar and egg

In addition to the acetic solution egg its nutrients, it strengthens and restores the nail plate. One of the treatment options is: protein of three eggs mixed with vodka and essence (2 tablespoons). The ointment is applied not only to the infected nail, but also on the skin, cover with a cotton swab! Blend keep 20-60 minutes Treatment continue 14 days, after which we must turn to the prevention of disease.

Iodine and vinegar

Against fungal diseases iodine is used successfully and for a long time, while remaining simple and reliable remedy for the fungus, acting as an excellent antiseptic and a destroyer of microorganisms. Combining vinegar and iodine provides treatment without the possible consequences (yellowing, cracking of nails). In the solution of iodine is necessary to add a few drops of essence, and the mixture was applied exclusively to the surface of the nail. The procedure is repeated month after a 10-day break to continue again.

Vinegar and baking soda

Way good the fact that soda increases the effect of vinegar on the destruction of microorganisms, preventing their further reproduce. For the preparation of ointments mixed Apple cider vinegar and water in an amount of one glass, soda is added until a thick porridge of state of a mixture. Use ointment 20 minutes after foot bathing. Repeat 2 times a day for a month.

Vinegar baths

Fungal infection effective vinegar foot bath against mildew: mix 3 liters of boiling water, 1 l vinegar, add the permanganate to obtain a pale pink color. The procedure is carried out for 15-20 minutes before wash your feet with soap and wipe dry. Repeat the treatment 2-3 weeks every night. After the bath apply tea tree oil having antifungal activity.