Fungal infection fingers

Form of disease that affects the fingers or toes, called intertriginous. Regardless of the land on which mycosis toes, it is called fungi – dermatophytes. They prefer moist habitats such as public showers, saunas, changing rooms in swimming pools. Agents can be located outdoors or indoors in any damp place or where people walk barefoot.

When spores fall on the healthy skin, they can cause harm to humans. But if the legs wear tight synthetic socks or tight shoes, immediately begins the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. They secrete substances that dissolve the Horny layer of the skin, and penetrate into its thickness.

Fingers mycosis is an infectious disease that is transmitted by direct contact or via contaminated household items. The main pathogens – fungi of the genera Microsporum, Epidermophyton and Trichophyton. They cause more than 90% of all cases of fungal infections of the fingers. Pathology can call zoofilia fungi, which are the reason cutting depriving in animals.

How does the athlete's foot on hands

The fungus is much more commonly affects the legs, but sometimes on the hands. Fungal infection between fingers is manifested by skin rash and severe itching. Other possible symptoms are:

  • burning or itching of varying intensity – from mild to very strong;
  • dryness and peeling of the skin;
  • groups of small vesicles, of which the autopsy may emit light or pus content;
  • change the color of the skin lesion after the disappearance of the rash;
  • ring system with raised edges, in the center of which is the rash heal (this often happens when infected by ringworm from animals);

Fungal infection on hands difficult to recognize, as it resembles many other diseases, such as psoriasis or eczema. Over time, the pathogen can spread to the nails, causing onychomycosis. In this case the nail plate becomes dull, uneven, acquires a yellow or black color, thickened and crumbly.

The symptoms of athlete's foot fingers

Symptoms of fungal infection on hands and feet has similar symptoms.

Fungal infection of the toes is often accompanied by swelling of the feet due to the itching and inflammation. Sometimes it is a cause of wrong diagnosis of arthritis or gout of the big toe. Foot damage is often accompanied by pain, especially towards the end of the day or after a heavy load. To ease that will help cool baths for the feet in the evenings.

One of the first signs of athlete's foot – peeling or exfoliation of the skin. It may be due to repeated trauma, for example, by rubbing shoes. In this phase the skin becomes irritated and eventually dies. Fallen skin flakes you can see in socks, shoes or bed. This condition requires the use of external anti-fungal and emollients.

Skin itching if fungus sometimes becomes unbearable. However, doctors suggest not to brush the skin. Otherwise you can easily scratch it and bring bacterial infection. In addition, spores of the fungus can get under the nails and from there to other parts of the body. With strong itching could be prescribed ointment glucocorticoid hormone. Itching between the fingers, the unpleasant feeling to which the patients complain.

Fungal infection of the fingers1

On the foot or hand can be rash. It is noticeable to other people, and makes the patient even in summer to wear tight socks and shoes, and gloves. In warm wet conditions, the fungus multiplies more intense, causing increased rash and itching. Therefore, when the athlete needs as much as possible to walk barefoot or in shoes made of natural material, so that the skin does not sweat.

On the feet can develop painful blisters and calluses. Characterized by burning of the skin. Can affect other parts of the body, for example, inguinal folds.

Treatment of mycoses between toes

The earlier treatment is started between the toes athlete's foot, the lower cost and less recovery time.

In mild cases using external drugs. Shows the use of antiseptics. To treat hands and feet with a 2 times a day. At the same time to combat sweat. In severe hyperhidrosis it is possible to use botulinum toxin.

The basic treatment of fungal infection fingers – fungicide means.

Fungal infection of the fingers2

Treatment of folk remedies

For a speedy recovery traditional therapy can be supplemented with folk remedies. Their effect is based on creation adverse conditions for fungus, after which he loses the ability to reproduce.

In the evening spend a warm bath for the feet or hands with the addition of 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Duration – 15 minutes after it is good to wear socks or cotton gloves soaked in wine vinegar (not essences!).

Another way with the use of baking soda: take 2 boats of this powder, add a little water and RUB the resulting mixture into the skin affected area. Leave for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water and wipe the skin. After that it is recommended to apply anti-fungal agent.

Known remedy for skin diseases – celandine. Daily collect fresh leaves of this plant, then rinse them and mince or chop in a blender. Gently press the juice, it is better to use rubber gloves. Juice and RUB it on the lesion 3 – 4 times a day.

Pre-assemble the mint and dry it, then grind the leaves and mix with salt. Ready mix gently RUB into the skin and cover with a cloth. You can put it in socks or gloves and wear them 2 times a day for 1 hour.


To avoid getting a fungal infection of the skin, you need to follow simple rules of prevention:

  • to use individual shoes, gloves, socks;
  • after working with the water wash hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry them;
  • on beaches, in showers and other such places to use rubber or silicone Slippers
  • observe the rules of personal hygiene, daily wash the feet;
  • do not buy shoes made of synthetic materials, choose natural leather, suede, cotton;
  • use only high quality sports shoes, regularly washed inside and out and dry thoroughly;
  • regularly use the cream for hands and feet, which soften the skin and prevent the appearance of cracks through which can get a fungus;
  • avoid contact with stray animals without gloves;
  • when excessive sweating feet to use special insoles, talc, absorbent powders for shoes.

The basis of prevention of the fungus – clean, dry, intact skin. In these circumstances, even contact with the fungus to be safe.

The advice of doctors

To get rid of mildew, you must take the full course of treatment, not stopping it when symptoms disappear. At the same time you need to apply medication for the prevention of re-infection.

Important good hygiene: frequent hand washing with soap, daily washing of the feet, or hygienic shower.

Gloves, socks, towels for the feet and also nail accessories should be cleaned or washed with the addition of soda ash, having antifungal activity.

Fungal diseases can be triggered by other diseases. Therefore, it is crucial to treat diabetes mellitus, hormonal disturbances, particularly during menopause. You need to normalize the digestive tract to get rid of constipation, to abandon the excess of sweets, keep a normal weight.