Fungus between the toes. Effective treatment of foot fungus ointments and folk remedies

To develop flexible between your legs maybe then, when the favorable conditions under which rapidly starts the reproduction of the infection:

The fungus between the fingers1
  • heat;
  • increased moisture;
  • the lack of personal hygiene;
  • worn tight and uncomfortable shoes;
  • long-term use of antibiotics;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • contact with a carrier of the infection.

When beginning to develop a fungus between the toes, the first signs of the disease may be barely noticeable, but they cannot be ignored. In the absence of timely treatment, the disease progresses rapidly and infection spreads to the nails, feet,other parts of the body. As a result, to get rid of the problem will be much more difficult, require long-term therapy.

Looks like a foot fungus between the toes

The fungus manifests itself the disease the following symptoms:

  • the skin begins to peel off slightly, over time it will literally peel;
  • concerned about severe itching, pain, burning;
  • the skin begins to crack and itch, redness, irritation, peeling, an unpleasant odor;
  • several times increased sweating;
  • feet skin becomes dense and hard;
  • between the toes is formed painful bubble that will soon burst;
  • the epidermis between the toes is literally starting ad oprate.

How to treat foot fungus between toes

When the first signs of this disease, be sure the sick person must be disinfected, not only of things: still being processed every object with which was contact. Thanks to this, the infection will not spread further. This treatment is recommended to perform at least once a week: this is the main condition in order to remove fungus between the toes.

The fungus between the fingers2

For quick recovery, the doctor will prescribe regular use of special medicated ointments, which must be miconazole, tolnaftate. Therapy these funds takes several weeks, based on what stage of disease was determined. This is an important rule that the body does not have time to adjust to one drug.

To prevent infection of healthy skin will help strict adherence to all recommendations of the doctor. Prescribed remedies are applied on the infected area to cure, then for the next few weeks, the drug is used as prophylaxis. With the exception of the ointment may be administered, and special tablets that kill the infection from within. Choose the right means of flexible between the toes can only be a specialist after the examination.

Systemic treatment of fingers foot fungus

If you experience fungal infections the use of drugs gives the chance to solve the main task – to completely destroy the causative agent. A doctor prescribes the use of antifungal agents.

Local remedy for foot fungus between the toes

During treatment are used various ointments, creams, solutions and sprays. If there is a spread of the infection and was amazed not only stop, but also the nail, there is a need for additional drugs. Prescribe all therapeutic means should specialist, but only after determining the stage of the disease. The solutions are no less effective ointments because they can get into the deep layers of the epidermis.

The fungus between the fingers3

Fungus treatment on legs folk remedies

Will help to quickly get rid of the fungus a decoction of wormwood. For making funds take the herb wormwood (500 g) and boiled for 15 minutes in clean water (3 l). Then the composition is left on for half an hour to well the infusion is filtered and poured into a basin. Further taken a warm bath. This procedure should be carried out before bedtime, after washing with soap feet.

How to prevent fingers fungus

To prevent fungus infection in the future it is necessary to carry out the procedure, to strengthen immunity, make immunostimulant and vitamin complexes. It is important to carefully and regularly care for leather cover feet while washing, always use soap, thoroughly wipe the feet. It is necessary to abandon the wearing of tight shoes made of poor materials.