Depending on the localization of the disease, this pathology can have the following names:

  1. The fungus crotch.
  2. Fungal infection inner thigh.
  3. The fungus is the scrotum.
  4. Mycosis between the gluteal area.
  5. In rare cases, a fungal infection of the genitals (penis are usually not affected by the fungus).

Where it comes from?

The disease is one or more species of fungi.

Contribute to infection the following reasons:

  1. Entering with dirty hands from the source of infection.
  2. Contact-household way of infection may be through use with patients personal hygiene items, towels, shoes, etc. a Possible method of infection is the entrance to the public baths and saunas.

Contribute to the rapid infection by the fungus can reduced immunity, which occurs on the background of the following health disorders:

  1. Problems with the endocrine system.
  2. Diabetes.
  3. Immunodeficiency.
  4. The excess body weight.
  5. The presence of other fungal infections — onychomycosis, athlete's foot, etc.
  6. Frequent sweating.
  7. Failure to observe rules of personal hygiene.

The symptoms of fungal infection groin

In the beginning of the disease in the scrotum and inguinal folds have small itchy areas. They have clear boundaries separating them from the healthy skin. In place of redness formed a slight swelling. This redness starts to increase, nearby spots join together to form larger areas of redness with an irregular border. The affected area very itchy and bothering people. In place of redness the skin is dry, sometimes there are small blisters. Sometimes in such cases, treatment may not be necessary, as redness can pass by themselves.

In advanced cases, the affected areas may appear pustules, which are drenched, allowing you to confuse this disease with eczema. A person experiences severe discomfort, not only from the aesthetically ugly, but because of the severe burning and itching.

If untreated, this disease symptoms it can become chronic with permanent exacerbations during the hottest time of the year.

Diagnosis and treatment of groin fungus pharmaceutical drugs

As such diagnosis in this case is not carried out, it is usually sufficient medical examination. In the presence of other skin lesions differential diagnostics is carried out.

Fungal infection groin does not require hospitalization and can be treated successfully at home. Well established in the treatment of mycosis inguinal folds special ointments. The doctor will recommend antihistamines. A primary inguinal fungus can be cured using traditional medicine.

Now, disassemble all the tools in order:

Inguinal fungal infection treatment1
  1. Ointments should contain the following ingredients: miconazole, terbinafin, clotrimazole. Purchasing a ointment without prescription, you need to strictly follow its instructions, as a strict sequence of application. Without following such recommendations, the treatment is reduced to zero. When using ointments, be sure to follow the purity of his body, wash regularly with water crotch area and change underwear often. Under favourable prognosis treatment ointments can last up to 14 days.
  2. Antihistamines. They are administered in the acute phase of the disease. Frequently used drugs include.
  3. Additional treatment involves applying various tinctures and solutions. They can be purchased at the pharmacy. The most popular means of this group are: calcium chloride 10%; application of nitrate of silver (0,25%) and resorcinol (1%) in the form of lotions; throughout the week, apply iodine solution in the form of lubrication of the affected places. Add this field to the iodine in sulphur-tar ointment, and continue the treatment for 14 days. Use of the liquid Burov in the form of compresses. Approximate proportions: 1 Cup water 1 tbsp liquid.

Fungus in groin in women

Treatment in this case is identical to men's, but there are some nuances that are peculiar only to female therapy. In this case, you will need to consult a gynecologist, as inguinal mycosis in the absence of proper treatment can go into vaginal mycosis. And this is more difficult and requires a particular treatment.

The rest is also advised to observe personal hygiene, and at the time of remission to take preventive measures to prevent the outbreak of disease. To preventive measures include:

  1. The application of compresses made of medicinal herbs such as chamomile, sage, oak bark, nettle, burdock, etc.

Folk recipes for the treatment of fungal infection of the inguinal folds

Folk therapy of fungal diseases based on medicinal plants. By the way, in the manufacture of pharmaceutical ointments are also use herbs. But before the use of traditional medicine make sure that you do not have allergies to one or another component. Here is a selection of basic recipes against the fungus in the groin:

Inguinal fungal infection treatment2
  1. Take fresh or dried birch leaves and fill them with vodka. The infusion needs to be in a dark place for 5 days. After this period they lubricate the affected areas.
  2. Do lotions with the use of flax seed, oak bark or yarrow. For this purpose 50 grams of one of the plants (you can mix and use together) pour a liter of boiling water. Once the broth configure themselves, put the tool in the form of compress. Prior to this, it is recommended to lubricate the affected areas with a zinc ointment .
  3. To strengthen the immune system and fight against fungus daily to drink the infusion of herbs. To do this, pour boiling water over 1 tbsp. of the following collection — 20 g of eucalyptus, 15 grams of leaves of a cowberry, 15 g of yarrow, 10 g of Hypericum, 5 g of chamomile blossoms. Do this remedy three times a day for 100 grams. The course of treatment is 20-25 days.
  4. Take the seeds of black radish and wild garlic, chop and put the porridge like mixture to the affected places.
  5. An excellent remedy for athlete's foot are the salt and soda. To prepare the saline solution, take 2 tbsp of salt and pour them a half glass of warm water. Use as a lotion. Soda applied to the affected areas as a paste. To do this, dissolve soda in a little water and brush the redness. Let it dry completely, then sprinkle with painful place of potato starch.

Preventive measures

First, what must a person do to avoid Contracting a fungal infection is to maintain good personal hygiene. To basic preventive actions include:

  1. Contents clean and dry intimate areas.
  2. After exercise shower required.
  3. Towel, soap, and other personal items should only be in your use.
  4. Regularly change underwear, avoid synthetics.
  5. While visiting the public shower rooms and other similar places always wear Slippers on his feet.
  6. Do not allow sweating.