Preventive measures to prevent foot fungus

Among the infectious skin diseases and its appendages is one of the leading foot fungus. The incidence of griscomii lesions continues to be constantly growing, this disease affected 10 – 20% of the adult population in our country. Almost 30% of patients with athlete's foot become infected in public places. A significant contribution of intra-family distribution. Most sick persons over seventy years.

Men suffer from this dermatological pathology often women, children rarely get sick. At risk include military personnel, athletes, miners, metallurgists, employees of bath and Laundry and recreation facilities. Prevention of foot fungus, therefore, is an important element in the fight against this disease.

The rules of personal hygiene as a prevention of fungus on feet

Prevention of fungus on feet is, first of all, personal hygiene to prevent infection, creating a hostile for microorganisms in the environment. It is important to remember that the defeat of the long-stop can leak, almost never showing themselves, they are characterized by chronic relapsing course. Pathogens affecting the foot, extremely tenacious, love a damp, wet finger between the folds of the feet, lower and side surfaces of the sole.

Exceptionally comfortable conditions for reproduction and life of the colony of mushrooms are the articulation of the nail plate and bed,dead skin, a layer of the epidermis, damaged skin. The integrity of the skin is an additional entrance gate for bacterial infections that worsen the disease.

The following is a brief list of rules of personal hygiene (well-known, however, not always executed), not allowing to pick up this annoying infection:

Prevention of fungus on the legs1
  • The feet keep dry and cool;
  • Timely make regular pedicures with tools that have passed proper disinfection, using modern accessory and skin care products;
  • Wash your feet with soap and warm water daily, if necessary, use antibacterial soap, wash your feet several times a day;
  • Wash your feet with soap and warm water daily, if necessary, use antibacterial soap, wash your feet several times a day;
  • Dry wipe the toes from the base to the tip, the skin between the toes, the whole foot;
  • Fight and then the legs;
  • Use antifungal foot powders if necessary antifungal cosmetic and medicinal creams, gels, nail polishes;
  • Go barefoot at least at home, in the country;
  • Keep the toes slightly flared;
  • In the locker rooms, showers, gyms, fitness clubs and other public places, do not go barefoot – wear flip flops (rubber Slippers, waterproof Slippers);
  • Do not use someone else's sponge, washcloth, towel, Slippers (even within the family);
  • In the event of infection, allocate a separate towel for the affected area or use disposable paper towels;
  • Wear comfortable shoes, matched in size, leather and other natural materials;
  • Avoid rubber and plastic shoes – a favorable environment for bacterial growth;
  • Keep shoes clean and dry, ventilate her, inside treat shoes with antifungal powder or spray;
  • In summer wear light shoes in which the foot will not sweat ;
  • Promptly change the shoes; if they can be washed – wash them at least 1 time a month;
  • Change your socks (socks, stockings, tights) especially with hyperhidrosis, if necessary more often;
  • Wear socks made of hygroscopic materials (natural fibers or synthetic special);
  • Wash socks to kill the spores of fungi, in very hot water twice; thoroughly rinse your socks after washing from the washing powder so as not to worsen the condition skin;
  • For the proper sanitary condition of the sinks, shower, tubs, basins, wash them regularly, use special tools;
  • Do not self-medicate, consult a doctor at early stages of fungal diseases; do not expose others to the danger of infection;
  • Be especially careful in the presence of fungal diseases in the household;
  • Help elderly family members to keep the order of dermatologists and the necessary sanitary-hygienic requirements to the treatment of this disease.
Prevention of fungus on the legs2

Treatment of chronic diseases and improving immunity – important measures for preventing foot fungus

Chronic disease by disrupting immune responses, the lack of intensity of blood flow and the activity of metabolic processes create conditions for the introduction of a fungal infection in the skin of the foot and the plate of the nail. The risk groups are patients with the following chronic diseases:

  • Venous insufficiency
  • Atherosclerosis of vessels of lower extremities
  • Diabetes mellitus with severe microangiopathy
  • Bone and joint pathology
  • Repeated microtrauma
  • Raised sweating
  • Overweight
  • Immunodeficiency.

Different people have susceptibility to fungi are not the same. Pathogens that can destroy the keratin of the nails, usually placed on a previously damaged areas of the surface of the skin and nail plates and aggravate the course of chronic diseases. The toxins released by the fungi in the process of life, significantly reduce immunity, cause severe allergic reactions and disorders of the internal organs.

The existence of such undesirable vicious circle explains the need to consider the treatment of chronic diseases and increasing the immunity as essential to the prevention of fungus on feet. However, it is important to note that a prerequisite for effective prevention of fungal diseases is a rational sparing treatment corticosteroid drugs, antibiotics.

The rejection of bad habits – a significant contribution to the prevention of foot fungus

Bad habits (excessive drinking, Smoking, drug abuse), wrong modes Wake – sleep, work – rest, inappropriate behavior in stressful situations usually lead to serious decrease in immunity, violation of blood circulation.

Unreasonable unbalanced diet, excessive consumption of easy carbohydrates, lack of exercise – obesity. Against the background of a weakened immune system, poor circulation and obesity is a favorable climate for infection and escalation of the infection in a generalized dangerous condition. This indicates the urgent need to abandon bad habits.

Folk and pharmaceutical products for the prevention of foot fungus

Not always personal hygiene is a 100% guarantee of prevention of disease. It is advisable therefore, to prevent after doctor's advice on the use of various prophylactic means to use a special antifungal agents.

Choosing folk remedies to prevent foot fungus, it should be remembered that fungi do not like an acidic environment to prevent growth of fungi sufficiently acidic environment (pH 5.5). With the preventive purpose, it is desirable periodically:

Prevention of fungus on the legs3
  • To handle the foot of diluted lemon juice or sour milk products (kefir, yogurt etc.)
  • To make the bath salt (2 tablespoons of salt in 0.5 l of water) or a light vinegar water (1 Cup vinegar in 3 to 4 liters of water) or soda water (1 tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate in 1 l of water).