Experience in the use of Tinedol

My name is Anna, 52 years old, I'm 30 years live in Minsk. I want to share my experience using the cream Tinedol, because for a very long time suffering from mycosis of the feet and nails, our background deserves a separate story, but in advance I want to please: mycosis of the nails no more! Coped with the problem cream Tinedol.

Still a student, I loved to go to the pool, the public bath, and after a while began to notice the paint started to crack, yellowing, the skin of the feet became rougher. Decided that it was "old age" and lack of care, probably, all young people think so. Started to do a pedicure, bought a cosmetic cream. The effect was but temporary and very short-term. I didn't know that somewhere got infected with athlete's foot. Later realized that maybe the problem is more serious, turned to the doctor, and he diagnosed a fungal infection of the feet and nails. And even then in a fairly advanced form.

Things I've tried over the years, baths, wraps and compresses for the night, ointment athlete's foot, emulsions and so on. In the course went all and folk remedies and costly ointments. Some tools even give a noticeable effect, but, alas, the skin of the feet and nails back again to its former state.

I bought a cream from fungal infection on my feet Tinedol

Preview&Test Tinedol-1

Relief came only recently when I decided to believe and to try cream Tinedol reviews, but most positive.

Negative opinions were also, and even accompanied by photos of the packaging and problem areas with lack of improvement. But later, when I have tried out a cream mycosis Tinedol, compared with the negative reviews the result, and noticed that the tubes of the means was different. Most likely, the person ordered the forgery, which proved to be empty.

Real Tinedol helps, but these reviews deception, or rather the result of cheating customers. Well, in the Internet a lot of reviews, and I bought Tinedol cream. I think to avoid fakes is very simple, all you need to not buy from dealers, but directly on the official website of manufacturers, I did.

The result satisfied, delivery is fast, managers are responsive, answered all my questions. On trial I took a course for a month, and two weeks later, seeing the result, I ordered another rate for the next month to secure the action.

My results of using Tinedol

From the first days of use I noticed that left an unpleasant smell and excess sweating of the feet in the summer. By the end of the first week I felt that the cream effectively softens the skin, improves its color, less roughness, feet don't itch anymore, did not have the usual burning in the evenings.

Within two weeks of use I had tried a lot of cracks in the heels, and even deep, painful tears are much smaller, more redness appeared. I can say I saw health returning to my legs.
By the end of the first month of use, almost all cracks gone, at work I felt like flying, and before time for dinner legs ached and buzzed from itching.

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After two months I made an appointment with your dermatologist to get tested. And the doctor confirmed fungal infection has passed, so Tinedol effectively fighting the disease, the infection is gone from all the layers of the nail plate. I did not believe my ears, but the condition of my skin spoke for itself. I feet with 20 years not seen in such fresh condition, and this is a wonderful peppermint scent of the cream.